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Welcome: GaoYou ShenFa Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Language: Chinese ∷  English


GaoYou ShenFa Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. with a history of more than 30 years which belonged to a state-owned company once making the generator set. The company is in the Economy Development Zone of Gaoyou Jiangsu Province the land and water transportation is very convenient west of which is close to the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal its south is near the Beijing-Shanghai Highway . It covers an area of 33000 square meters; construction area is around 23000 square meters with more than 300 employees including 40 engineers and technical personnel. The company has three gen head assembly line and three high punching lamination making lines automatic wire-inserting machine wire-winding argon arc welding as well as other production and inspection equipment. It has self-owned importing and exporting licenses and relating quality permits which can directly exporting to European and American markets.

The company mainly manufacturing two serials of gen heads: gasoline gen heads proving for the generator making factory and permanent magnetic gen heads for electric tools manufacturer.

The gen heads we produce are divided into two types : brush and brushless(single phase and three-phase).Lamination specification of the brushless type includes: φ150、φ160、φ190(mm)、φ226(mm) the output of which ranges from 450W to 10KW; Voltage: 110-240V frequency both 50HZ and 60HZ. Lamination specification of the brush type includes: φ160、φ190(mm) the output of which ranges from 1.5KW to 6KW; Voltage: 110-240V frequency both 50HZ and 60HZ. The gasoline gen heads are self-developed by adopting the advanced technology of the products aboard which has the advantage of small size reasonable structure stable and reliable performance etc. We can also tailored the special specification basing on customers’ engine ensuing all our products meet customer requirements.

The newly self-developed brushless type is the synchronous permanent magnetic alternator square wave controlled use hall sensor instead of brush and Nd-Fe-B to be the permanent material. Its performances surpass all the advantages of traditional DC alternators but also solved the disadvantages of slips for brush type. The digital control is the most ideal speed adjusting alternators nowadays.

It has three major advantages as high efficiency high torque and precision and is small and light at the same time which can be made in different shapes. It is the most efficient speed adjusting alternators and has better performances comparing to the traditional DC brush and AC alternators.

It can be widely used for digital printer glue spayer robot printing packaging machinery plastic machinery machine tol equipment household appliance automatic equipment etc.

The magnetic alternator is the ideal stepless speed regulation product replacing the traditional induction motors with the advantage of small in size and stable and reliable performances.

The daily output of the gasoline alternators is 3000pcs per day; Our company is equipped with many advanced equipments for producing the alternators and full set of digital testing equipments from Hangzhou Weige which including J31G series high-speed punching machine DSE automatic argon arc welding machine CK6130 CNC lathe M1050A coreless grinder ZCJ300-30 automatic dipping machine XHCC-11 insulation paper inserting machine for stator imported SP rotor winding machine spot-welding machine cutting machine etc.

We welcome customers all over the world and promise to provide the best products and services.










Contact: Lingsen Wang

Phone: 13004306078

Tel: 0514-84614198

Email: master@motorsf.com

Add: No.2 Lingbo Road, Gaoyou Industrial Zone,Gaoyou City,Jiangsu Province,China

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