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Welcome: GaoYou ShenFa Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Language: Chinese ∷  English

About us

Gaoyou Shenfa is located in a comely old water town, Gaoyou, which is on the brink of Gaoyou Lake near the Changjiang River, with the Grand Canal flowing through. Gaoyou Shenfa, a world-class supplier of superior generator, focusing on high-end markets, has specialized in generator industry for more than 35 years and developed a strong capacity for design, manufacturing, and testing of engines, generators, water pumps, and alternators. It covers 35000 m2 construction area, with more than 300 employees including 40 engineering & technical staff who are devoted to innovation and quality.



Contact: Lingsen Wang

Phone: 13004306078

Tel: 0514-84614198

Email: master@motorsf.com

Add: No.2 Lingbo Road, Gaoyou Industrial Zone,Gaoyou City,Jiangsu Province,China

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